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What is a Health Advocate?

January, 2018

As a health expert, you already know that your job doesn’t end when your shift does.  You’re the authority amongst friends, family and your community.  What if you could turn that experience into something bigger and more impactful?  What if you could take your existing skills and experience and leverage it into an opportunity to help more people and earn a supplemental – or even significant – income doing so?

It’s easier than you think. 

As a nurse, you are uniquely qualified and in a position to capitalize on the seismic shift occurring in healthcare today – from a model focused solely on treating sickness to one focused on prevention & promoting wellness. 

You already have the skills & knowledge – let us provide you with the tools and systems to ensure your success.  We’ve created a free “Health Advocate Quickstart Guide” just for you.  This guide outlines a step-by-step approach to improving the wellness of your friends, family, and community while earning additional income as a health expert using your existing skills.
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