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Nursing Wellness: 
​Burnout Prevention

Are you exhausted?  Stressed? 
Concerned you might be losing your passion for nursing?
These are warning signs of burnout...
​and we've developed a solution just for you.

Nursing Burnout Prevention Kit:
A 30-day program developed for Healthcare Professionals by Healthcare Professionals

Through a combination of expert information and cutting edge nutritional technology, this program promotes the opposite of burnout:
-Less Stress
-More energy, vitality & passion
-Think more clearly
-Look & feel younger

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What's Included:
​Nutrition + Information = Wellness

Cutting-edge Nutraceuticals: 
These products support critical functions that lessen the effects of burnout -

Adrenal Manager:
Supports the body's response to everyday stressors.
Supports Energy Production and Metabolic Function. Adrenal Manager contains a comprehensive blend of nutrients that support the body’s response to stress through energy production and metabolic function.

Glutamine serves as the predominant fuel and nitrogen source for the mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.GlutAloeMine is made with a unique formula that supports healthy gastrointestinal (GI) tract lining, promotes gut microflora and may increase beneficial short-chain fatty acid production, which translates to gut repair and healthier functioning.

Expert Information:
Throughout the 30 days, you will receive regular emails to keep you on track to getting happier & healthier!

Developed by  Havilande Green, N.C.
​Nutrition & Wellness Consultant
Havilande works with clients to improve their relationship with food.  She is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, (Bauman College, Boulder, CO) specializing in holistic nutrition & it's role as the foundation for health.
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How do Nutraceuticals work?

Nutraceuticals are pharmaceutical grade food derived supplements containing an extremely nourishing food component. They work with your body at the molecular level to help absorb nutrients and "awaken" your body for optimal functioning. This translates to more energy, increased focus and overall better functioning.

What are the benefits?

Nutraceuticals can be used to support health, delay the aging process, prevent chronic diseases and help support the function of the body. By incorporating nutraceuticals into your routine, you can bridge the gaps in your diet and have energy to care for others again.
For a complete Q&A with Havilande and more information about Nutraceuticals, visit our Blog.