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Train the CNA Trainer
Professional, on-demand training for Nursing Professionals

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Beyond the Requirements - 
Through our work with hundreds of CNA training programs nationwide since 2005, we've collected the best practices into a system that shows you how to run a profitable CNA program, build a positive team and increase student satisfaction & success.

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CNA Program Success System
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CNA Program Success System
Metis Systems, provider of personal, professional & business development programs, including "Train the CNA Trainer", began as a brick & mortar training facility in 2001 and has been providing nationwide online training since 2005. 

​With this system, we share our tools and experience on how to start, manage and grow a successful training business.

Basic System
Handbook, Opportunity Assessment & Recommendations
Premium System
​Basic System + Consultation​​​​​

CNA Program Success System  +  Train the CNA Trainer Program
Basic = $275
Premium = $325
Opportunity Assessment
What profitable opportunities are waiting to be unleashed in your training program?​​​​​​​​​

​Opportunity Summary & Recommendations
We take out the confusion and provide a clear roadmap for you to improve your program's results.
​​Handbook: Guide to CNA Program Success
+ CNA Business Building & Leadership
+ Success Skills & Practices for CNA Learning Organizations
+ Healthy Team = Successful Results
(see full Table of Contents below)
30 minute phone call with follow-up includes:
+ Website Audit
+ Marketing Recommendations
+ KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Review
CNA Program Success System Handbook:
Table of Contents

Business Building

+ Step-by-step CNA Program Checklist
+ Developing a USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
+ The 3 P's: Positioning, Packaging, Promotion
+ 3 Critical Factors for Business Success
+ Business Concept: K.P.I.’s

Business Leadership

+ Entrepreneur Fundamentals
+ The Only 2 Ways to Grow Profits
+ From Surviving to Thriving
+ The Checklist

Success Skills & Practices for Leaders, their Teams & Students

+ Leadership & Learning: Confident Humility
+ 9 Essential Skills for Personal Success
+ How to Develop Keystone Habits that Support Success Skills
+ How to create a Structure for Success
+ How to Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals
+ Goal Setting: Creating a Goal Achievement Dashboard
+ 5 Ways to Generate Creative Solutions
+ 10 Productivity Tips

Healthy Team = Program Success

+ Caring for the Caregiver
+ Organizational Wellness
+ Health & Productivity
+ Health & Wealth
Our CNA Program Success System will save you the time and money of trial and error, so that you can improve learning outcomes and run a more positive, productive and profitable program.​
Click Here to purchase the ​​Basic
CNA Program Success System
Click Here to purchase the ​​Premium​
CNA Program Success System