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Train the CNA Trainer
Professional, on-demand training for Nursing Professionals

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Train the CNA Trainer is an online course for RNs and LPNs to become Certified CNA Instructors.
Complete the course from anywhere, at any time - start, stop and resume according to your schedule!
Our accredited Certificate of Completion is accepted by over 25 states and does not expire.
Receive 5 Contact Hours upon completion.
We work with training facilities from around the country to train instructional staff and improve CNA pass rates - multi-student discounts are available!
Join 1000+ RNs and LPNs from all over the United Stated who have improved their teaching and classroom management skills, creating more harmonious learning environments along with better student experiences and results.
Click Here to become  a Certified CNA Trainer
The only ​multi-state CNA Instructor Certification available
With a focus on the characteristics of adult learners, teaching methodologies, classroom management, course design, and evaluation tools, this course prepares RNs and LPNs to successfully teach Nursing Assistants (NAs) and Medical Assistants (MAs).​​
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See What Nurses Are Saying About the Course:
  1. Wendi Schaefer, RN, BSN
    "Train the CNA Trainer was a great course. The instructor is very knowledgeable & provided me with a positive learning experience. I have a much better understanding of how to improve my teaching methods. I would definitely recommend this course to other educators."
  2. Deborah H., LPN -North Carolina
    "Being able to take this course online, from home and on my own time was great! And so was the information. Thank You!"
  3. Nicole L., RN, MSN -Texas
    "I took this course to become a better teacher and expand my career prospects. This Certification doesn't expire and will allow me to teach in other states in case I move in the future. I'm glad I made the investment."
  4. Cynthia B., RN, BSN -Florida
    "I'm able to take the information and immediately apply it to teaching my CNA students. As an educator, there were things I didn't know on how I approach the students in class and during lecture. The material was excellent."