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Train the CNA Trainer


Train the CNA Trainer is brought to you by Metis Systems, an online professional and personal development training company, committed to your continued education, career advancement and improved well-being.

Metis Systems also provides the following nutrition, fitness and peak performance programs. 
Special discounts are available to Train the CNA Trainer students!

Six Elements Personal Power Training
Super-charge your mind and body with this unique program that combines mental and physical training for increased energy, clarity & fitness.

Revive + Thrive Health Solutions
Expert nutrition information along with high-quality programs & products for energy, weight loss and performance.

Personal & Professional Development Newsletter

Our newsletter is packed with information to get you operating at your personal and professional best!

Peak Performance

Personal & professional development tips for your success. 
Topics include:
- Leadership
- Communication

- Creativity

Quick & easy tips for eating leaner & cleaner.  Directly from our expert Nutritional Consultant, you'll receive excellent information on how to maintain your health & energy levels.

Fun, healthy recipes for you and those you care for.


Simple & effective fitness tips for your busy lifestyle.